The Power of One

Publicis Groupe has announced that they will start developing Marcel, an AI-powered app which allows their employees around the world to apply for project that they are interested. Then the app will select the most suitable people to work together on a project, no matter where they are, as long as their skills and experience are matched. This news really really excited me when I read it. It means that you don’t have to work abroad which is very difficult to me to get, but you still can have chances to work with your colleagues in other countries for foreign clients. Tadaa! There is only one drawback of working this way, it is that you can’t sit in a gorgeous office in another country, which I’m dreaming of. But it’s not a big deal compared to the precious opportunity to work with other people from different parts of the world, geographically.


Marcel is an “ultimate proof of The Power of One”. The Power of One is applied in Vietnam too, that’s why they come up with Publicis One last year. As far as I know, currently Publicis One works with centralized human resources, which mean any staff can work for a job in another agency within the group if their expertise is needed for that job. I love this idea so much, the idea of working with people other than your current teams. It’s all about learning from other people, so the more people you work with, the more new things you can get. If it’s a good team, lucky you! If it’s not, at least you know who you do not want to work with in the future. Anyway, it’s still working with people in the same country despite of nationalities. How working with people from different countries be like?

I have a little doubt about the possibility of right matches between people and people and projects. Marcel’s algorithm will base on people’s skills and experience. But what about local cultural understanding? How does Marcel know and calculate this? For me, local culture always plays a very important role in advertising and communications. How can people overcome local cultural difference? Maybe Marcel just do not match people and projects from too different cultures? But how much is too different? Maybe it’s just me lacking experience in working on projects from various cultures.

I’m very curious about the matching algorithm of Marcel. I think the algorithm will reveal what kind of skills, which experience, any other factors are needed for such a project. It means that I will have specific criteria to try if I want to work globally. Then it will draw a clearer picture how it is like if I want to be chosen to work the way I want. I was so lucky that just one day after reading the news about Marcel, a friend of mine at Publicis Vietnam contacted me for a vacancy there. And of course I applied for them right away! No matter what the result will be, I am still very interested in Marcel, Publicis Groupe and want to be apart of it.


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