The Most Dangerous Writing App

Yes it’s real, the-most-dangerous-writing-app. Its name really means it. You have to write whatever in a limit of time (3, 5… minutes) or words (250, 500… words). If you can’t finish it on time, the whole progress will be deleted. I am writing this paragraph by this killing app under a 3 minute session (with some polishing afterwards). I have tried this app for a couple of time and find it super super useful, especially for those who don’t write often and usually take hours to write a few simple sentences like me. I am writing bullshit but it’s still better than writing nothing, isn’t it?

Anyway I have made up a hack for this killing app. Just simply screenshot when you’re nearly death and you can save your whole bullshit piece of writing. Well but this time my hacking tip doesn’t help me in the way I want. It just makes me lazier. This reminds me of a quote of Bill Gates:

I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job. Because he will find an easy way to do it.

And I dream about when my laziness will be useful..



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