Productivity tips


I have known James Clear’s blog coincidentally in an interview with the introduction that he has a similar style of reading and blogging to mine. I start exploring his blog with Productivity articles and there are 2 most impressive methods to me.


With this strategy, basically you will divide your working time into 15-minute sections. No matter how much you get things done in 15 minutes, you just need to finish it in time. This will give you an immediate accomplishment feeling and thus it will not frustrate you like when you do a long term project which seems to never end.

This is a solution of Anthony Trollope for a common problem when prioritizing tasks:

After ranking your priorities for the day, if the number one task is a really big project then it can leave you feeling frustrated because it takes a long time to finish.



This strategy divides your to-do-list into 2 lists: The must do (list A), and the Avoid-at-all-cost (list B). In the exercise, there are 25 tasks in a week, the Must do list contains 5 most important tasks and the Avoid-at-all-cost contains the remaining 20 tasks.

You have to force yourself to finish all tasks in the Must do first. As long as you have done that, you can start working on the other list. The best thing of this method is that once you confirm the two lists, you will not do both lists at the same time, you will not sometimes do a task in list B because you think it’s such a convenient time to do it, which sounds quite right and even productive. The point is that you have to be determined to complete what really important first.



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