Learn from what people learnt

Recently Agency Life and Advertising Vietnam have produced a video series called Creative Director’s Favourite Ads Pick. I have watched all first four videos and like the sharing of Tien Bac the most. The way he looks at and learns from an ad/ campaign is straightforward and useful for me to learn. His analysis is as simple as the insight behind his picked ads, thus it also makes me feel stupid and brilliant, in the exactly same way the ads evoke his feelings. I believe all these so-called simple things are made by a deep understanding and a lots of experience.

While other guests mostly describe the ads they pick, rarely give opinions about thinking behind those ads, Tien shows the campaign background, the issue, the solution and his learning. Sounds like case studies. And I love case studies.

Here are his thoughts:

My lessons learnt:

  1. The source of insight. Insights for a campaign can come from a medium, it’s a kind of initiative. Surprise! I think it needs even more creativity to start digging for insight from media as I just don’t know how.
  2. Communication is not necessary to create a communication product but can be a tangible product, not necessary to be integrated with a marketing mix but can be just a creative output. This reminds me of a habit of effective advertising according to Phuong Ho (a planner I do admire a lot) which is “Brand creates new medium”. It suggests another approach: Consumer >> Idea >> Channel. We should say what consumers want to hear rather than what we want to say.
  3. “I love advertising” he said. My heart stopped beating for a second then. The reason is as simple as that. There are many times right after watching/ seeing an ad, I can only think “I love advertising”. Anyway I still concern whether consumers love advertisements the way we love. Do they care that much? Do they feel what we feel? Do they want to give feelings to just an ad?

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