Learn from what people learnt

“I love this campaign because it’s so simple that it makes me feel both stupid and brilliant.” – Tien Bac

The Power of One

Publicis Groupe has announced that they will start developing Marcel, an AI-powered app which allows their employees around the world to apply for project that they are interested. Then the app will select the most suitable people to work together on a project, no matter where they are, as long as their skills and experience…

Productivity tips

“After ranking your priorities for the day, if the number one task is a really big project then it can leave you feeling frustrated because it takes a long time to finish.”


When I start research something, or when I hear about something new, especially models, the first thing I want to know is “What it is”. Many people explain it with lengthy description like what it concludes, how to use, when to use. But really what is it? I need a noun which is the whole…